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Consulting Services

Your Mentor in Democracy Education

Over 24 years experience serving Senators and MPs in a bicameral parliament (Canada): directing, leading, developing, implementing, operating and managing the full range of public outreach programs.
Proven high level abilities in conceptualizing and realizing deliverables in consultation with individuals, stakeholders and groups having diverse interests, mandates and cultural backgrounds.
I hold both Canadian and American citizenship; I have advised parliamentarians and officials from around the world in both capacities.

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My Services

Consulting Services
Communications and outreach for parliamentarians and the public
Parliamentary education programs for schools
Visitor education, on site tours and events
Electronic and print products explaining parliament to the public
Orientation programs for new parliamentarians and staff

Learn from colleagues' successes

Best practices and lessons learned from sister legislatures are invaluable for developing public programs. I have visited and consulted colleagues in many state and national legislatures.